Relationships…they’re complicated..but they are necessary!

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Have you ever met someone and thought, where have you been all my life?  Or say, I am so glad that you are a part of my life and I couldn’t do this without you.

Folks come into your life, sit at your table, break bread, and then BAM! They are gone!  One disagreement, one difference of opinion and they are no longer a part of your circle.  The circle that you guarded and kept close to your heart.  The circle you protected so this very thing wouldn’t happen to you.

Well…I am here to burst your bubble…Relationships…they are complicated.  It has been my experience that even those closest to you come in, take a seat, make a mess, and then leave.  You are left, cleaning up after them, and asking yourself what happened.

How did this happen…again?

Honestly, it’s not your fault!  I have learned that relationships are indeed incredibly complicated, but are necessary!

Not everyone has the same understanding of how to “be” in a relationship. How to “accept” in a relationship.  How to “respect” in a relationship, how to “forgive” in a relationship.

I have come to understand relationships are meant for us to grow, learn.  I have come across some devastating experiences.  Leaving you feeling hurt, confused, and sad.

BUT…there is always a lesson that is left behind.  When something like this occurs, realign your thoughts.  Recount the experience and find what role you may have played. Refresh your spirit with stillness and regain yourself.  Surround yourself with those you love and live with an open heart.

To live with hope and joy, we need community and with community comes all the messiness of folks.  Don’t shy away from developing other relationships.  Don’t close yourself off.  Be quick to discern the intentions coming towards you and check your gut.  It’s always right!


Live with an open heart.  Give generously.  You never lose when you live this way.


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