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I recently came across a post on Instagram of Jim Carrey sharing why he decided to retire. And though much of what he said was interesting, what stopped me dead in my tracks was the following:

…I really like my quiet life, and I really love putting paint on canvas, and I really love my spiritual life, and I feel like…and this is something you might never hear another celebrity say as long as time exists, I have enough, I’ve done enough, I am enough.” (Jim Carrey)

I replayed that video a few times and was moved by his vulnerability. He meant every word. What was so interesting was when do you hear ANYONE in this rat race say…I have enough. His statement comes from a lot of introspection. Of course, the cynics will say, well, he can say that; he’s had a successful career on TV and film, and he has the financial freedom to say that. But that is my point exactly! He realized what enough was and chose to step away and live outward, not inward.

So much of what plagues us in society is because we WANT MORE. We often fail to see that what we have before us is enough. Our angst to own and produce more, when inward-focused, is what derails us. It makes us sick, isolates us, and makes us unavailable for what matters. This leads to divorce, separation, anger, addiction, and lack of focus.

We run around thinking that what we need is more of what cannot love us back.

Stop trying to fit the narrative of what consumerism has inbred in us to be.

Truthfully, I have been a victim of the more is better syndrome. I am learning later in my life that what I was chasing was actually chasing me and running me ragged. I decided several years ago to get off that merry-go-round and live with what I know to be true. Community matters. Health matters. Others matter. I chose to live my life outward, leaving room at the table for anyone that needs a place to sleep, eat, talk, and rest.

It is never too late to look in the mirror and say to yourself what Jim Carrey so eloquently stated – “I have enough, I’ve done enough, I am enough”.

It’s time to live life outward!

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