The unfolding of a miracle…

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Three months into the release of my latest book, “Parenting in the Dark,” I am currently walking in the unfolding of a miracle.

The book walks the reader through a moment gone awry in our family life due to addiction, violence, and pain. Many readers have reacted with words such as courageous, brave, cringe, shocking, vulnerable, love, compassion, hope, and thankful. And though it is a moment in my parenting life that was challenging and painful, we are currently walking through the unfolding of a miracle.

The calls, conversations, texts, laughter, forgiveness, and hope we are experiencing as a family come from doing the hard work. Doing what makes you uncomfortable and forgiving at every turn. Many may say it is easier since the assailant is my son. I am not sure if that would be the case if he were a stranger, I cannot speak to that since that is not my experience, and I would never impose that on anyone that has been a victim of assault, no matter who that person may be.

Our family is healing gently and with care. We know our triggers and choose to listen to and respect them. Grace has abounded in our communication. To laugh with each other in conversations where there was so much pain is nothing short of a miracle. This can only happen when one or both and all parties choose to move forward with accountability and respect, and healthy boundaries.

Will we be the same? No.

We will be better, we will do better,

Life has an interesting way of pivoting. Life has an interesting way of challenging us.

We choose to love, forgive and laugh our way to wholeness.

Miracle (n) – a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences: 

Whatever or however painful your circumstances may seem right now…hold on for your miracle.

But you must commit to doing the hard work that comes along with it.

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