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Emotions are tricky.

They can deceive you. They can control you. They can reveal you. They can assist you.

We must be careful how we respond, react, interpret, and judge others’ emotions, even our own.

During one of my therapy sessions, I was processing an experience long tucked away in the “we do not talk about it” drawer in a closet with a locked door. When we unlocked the door, pulled out the draw, and began to “talk about it,” I literally hyperventilated. No, seriously, I did. The therapist had to stop what we were doing and get me a glass of water. I cried, and then I sat there stunned. Emotions provoked by a locked memory can do that to you.

In the past few weeks, I have managed a range of emotions. I have tried to inform my emotions, and I have let my emotions run wild. Both are healthy, necessary, and fundamental for your mental health.

As Latina women, we are very expressive and, for the most part, either we “tell it like it is” or quietly hold onto our emotions. We can hold onto a grudge or let it go. Sometimes the latter is part of the grudge…neither can be good unless we lean in with a forgiving heart.

As I am getting older, I am trying to measure my emotions, inform them and be a bit more introspective. This can be exhausting. Needless to say, emotions are a descriptor of who we are.

Our personalities are formed by our emotions.

Our thoughts are constructed by our emotions.

Our speech is pronounced by our emotions.

Give yourself permission to live in your emotions while learning to lean into the growth that comes from balancing the truth of your emotions.

Lean into forgiveness. Learn to love. Remember to laugh out loud. Allow the tears to flow and show up as your authentic self.

These are the characteristics of healthy emotions.

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  1. Rita Avatar

    Yes and Amen

  2. Jackie Harrold Avatar
    Jackie Harrold

    Emotions are very necessary, it’s an important component to our truest self.

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