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As we all prepare to run, walk, skip, jump or crawl into this new year, I prepare to release one of the most personal memoirs I have ever written…to date. It is a raw account of a moment in time in which everything shifted. Coming to readers this spring will be my latest book, “Parenting in the Dark.” When I chose this title out of a dozen or so, this one resonated with the experience.

I thought of what it means to stand in the dark; several things happen,

When you are in the dark, you stumble, trip, and fall.

You cannot see what’s before you or right in front of you.

That spoke to my parenting experience.

Am I excited about this sophomore release? Absolutely NOT! Am I nervous about this release…a resounding YES. My intention in my writing has always been to inspire. This book is different. This book has a three-fold purpose –

Purpose – Encourage

Intention – Reveal a silent sorrow

Outcome – Expose and Heal

I’ve read the book repeatedly, still processing the experience and often finding myself at the moment, the many moments I recollect and feeling the exact same emotions as if I were experiencing some sort of time travel.

So, yes, I am nervous, yet I am hopeful.

As my book is dissected by editorial eyes, I await the final draft. I was encouraged when the first set of editorial eyes sent me a note, and their first words were, “What a powerful story! Well done. You have an authentic voice with a lot to offer readers”. (Editorial Team)

That is my hope. As this book goes through the process of grammar, syntax, punctuation, resource reference, and content review, even the editors will walk away with a sense of having read something worthwhile.

So we will wait to read how a moment in my personal life experienced a cataclysmic shift that changed how I see, hear, feel and understand certain aspects of my life.

Coming soon – Parenting in the Dark by Annette Ortiz Mata

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  1. Rita Avatar

    I support u
    I so happy for u
    Gif is so good

  2. Jackie Harrold Avatar
    Jackie Harrold

    I can’t wait to read the book Annette

  3. Ninalou Risolio Avatar
    Ninalou Risolio

    Very Exciting! Blessings

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