What every mother SHOULD tell their daughters and every MAN should know!

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What our mothers forgot to tell us….

When you are moving towards menopause, ya bettah put on some rose-colored glasses; if not, you won’t survive!!!

The kids you have will begin to look like monsters…Your spouse looks less appealing!

You don’t want to talk to anyone…Yet you want to talk to everyone 

You are hot…you are cold

You are happy…you are sad

You feel skinny…you feel fat

You are anxious…you become ambitious

You love…you hate at the same time

All in a day!!!!

They forgot to mention that we either

Can’t live without sex…Can live without sex

Sex can be painful…Sex can be exhilarating 

They forgot to mention 

Depression can kick in…Anxiety is overwhelming 

Brain-fog is real…Sleepless nights are torture…Naps are non-negotiable 

You will sweat in the cold!! (WHY?!!!!)

They forgot to mention…

Patience is a true virtue…Short fuses are dangerous 

Being alone is treasured…Loneliness feels suffocating

Remembering a person’s name is rewarding

Remembering what was on the grocery list you left at home turns into a mind game.

Remembering to brush your teeth is the prize 

They forgot to mention…

Menopause is not a death sentence. 

But a revival (yes, REVIVAL) of the new you when all parties survive (wink, wink)

It’s a renewal of everything you want in your life!.

It’s a recognition that all you need is right before you!

So as we gently or clumsily walk this narrow hallway of menopause 

Talk about it!

We are not alone!

It’s not a disease… It’s not a life sentence 

It is a life experience

It’s the end of an era…

The beginning of another!

Mothers, please tell your daughters.

That they will survive

But this is how…by sharing the truth

And MEN – you too will survive…just stop trying to fix it.



‘Til Tuesday

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