It’s okay to change your mind…

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“Changing your mind does not mean you’re unstable.

It just means what you thought was going to work for you,

isn’t going to work at all” (Annette)

A few weeks ago, this thought came to me, and I realized we often feel bad for changing our minds, not for ourselves, but the guilt of the disappointment we may cause someone else – right?

Yet, it is important to have the freedom to change our minds.

It’s not a sign of thoughtlessness or recklessness, but a careful process of thinking and considering outcomes that may not serve you or even the other person.

A dear friend once told me that if you complain about attending an event or participating in a function, you should not be doing it at all.

Consider your intentions and motives when moving forward with a decision that involves others.

Who are you doing this for?

What is the outcome going to be?

Will it be something that fulfills all participants?

I know there are many instances that we MUST show up and participate in occasions that may not be in our heart’s interest. These are obligations. Non-negotiables.

BUT, I often find that most folks do things with motives and intentions that are not sincere. So if that is the case for you, it’s okay to change your mind.

Stop and consider the why and give yourself a moment to pause –

Changing your mind may be in the best interest of everyone and may save you from a lot of heartaches –

Trust your instincts!


Disappointing someone else only means their expectations were greater than your intentions.


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2 responses to “It’s okay to change your mind…”

  1. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Yup !!! That part !!! I learned if it doesn’t feel good in my gut God voice I bounce !!! I walk away !! Not doing it !!! Lessons for a life of love twice divorced the 2nd one I got my PHD on what not to do and to trust God all the way !!

  2. Ninalou Avatar

    Thanks appreciate this word today!!! Always a Blessing 🙂

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