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A new year, a new focus.

This year I struggled with what to write, and honestly, I no longer felt qualified to continue to write. Most of what I held true somehow came undone in the past few months, and the level of guilt and shame began to suffocate me.

To say that feeling has changed is not 100 percent true, but I have learned that my journaling heals me, and I began to understand that when we share our pain, it helps someone not feel alone, not feel overwhelmed, not feel embarrassed or guilt-ridden.

You may even be able to save someone from simply giving up!

So as I navigate my voice this year in my blogging, yes, I am committed to my weekly blogging; I need you more than you realize; I hope that I will encourage someone not to give up and muster up the strength simply to start from where you are. Don’t start all over again; start from where you are.

For where you are is at a place of experience.

I will be sharing some insight into living with disappointment yet finding hope among other exciting experiences.

I enter this new year and a new blogging season with my eyes wide open.

Filled with the hope that though I may see things a bit more salty from all tears I’ve shed, I am hope-filled, for as long as we are alive, we are redeemable, and we can do better and be better.

Thanks for hanging in with me. Now, let’s go live a purpose-filled life!

‘Til Tuesday

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4 responses to “Eyes Wide Open…”

  1. NO Rosario Avatar
    NO Rosario

    Welcome back! Look forward to what you birth this year.

  2. Jackie Harrold Avatar
    Jackie Harrold

    So glad you’re back, I’ve missed these posts. 2021 was tough but we are all healing hopefully.

  3. Abby Avatar

    We are thankful that you are hitting the fingers to the keys. Thanks for the blunt honesty. Brutal and true. Can’t wait!

  4. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Your voice helps me to grow 🌻thank you for your truth ❤️

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