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I have a few physical scars.

Some obvious to the naked eye,

others covered by cloth.

I have many more scars that are unseen.

I call them soul scars.

Little divots that have keloid.

I feel them from time to time.

Some scars almost broke me into a million pieces.

Scars that ripped so deep that I thought the bleeding would never stop.

Yet, I am learning to respect the small divots.

They are reminders of experiences, traumas, blessings.

Not all scars are bad, and some are just signs of survival.

I will embrace all the scars that are marked on my body

and release those that sit in my heart, mind, and soul.

I will not allow myself to be crushed by them but rather strengthened,

for it means I’ve been through some stuff, and I survived.

What scars are you carrying in your soul that is breaking you?

Turn it around…see how you are recovering, thriving, and surviving…

There is still life to live.

You are still here!


Some experiences mark us forever; choose how you will define them.


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