What I did on Saturday…

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I did nothing…absolutely nothing!

Some would call it observing the Sabbath or a mental health day.

I spent an entire Saturday in my pajamas.

No TV, no background music. No conversations, no texting.

Just reading, meditating, journaling and laying still.

Some of you may have felt that the entire year of 2020 was your Sabbath, but it wasn’t.

You see while we were in a forced quarantine, our lives were full of noise, worry, conversations, social media, work, school.

There was no actual stillness.

 But this stillness, was different. It was an uncomfortable one, and it was actually very hard.

But I did it.

My son asked if I was okay.

He said, you seem a little “still”.

I quietly said, “I’m fine, I really am”

In my Sabbath I found an unusual sense of loneliness; it was real and raw.

I was missing people, conversations, texting, the background noise! 

But in my stillness, my loneliness, God got my attention and when HE did, I wept! 

I simply wept.

It was an ugly cry for no other reason than the realization of HIS acknowledgment of me in my space.

While I was mourning relationship, HE gently whispered…I’m here.

Will I be able to exercise the practice of Sabbath? I am not sure to that extreme, but I realize the importance of it.

I know that something this extreme is challenging for moms with young kids, it’s would seem virtually impossible.

I would challenge mom with young kids, teach them the art of stillness.

When they are quiet, be quiet with them.

Teach them the importance of stillness.

Turn off the noise for them.


As the world reintegrates let us not forget to honor the moments created in stillness.


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3 responses to “What I did on Saturday…”

  1. Jackie R Harrold Avatar
    Jackie R Harrold

    Be still and know that I am God.

  2. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Wow !!! What a word !! To be still to stay still to be ok being still. Thank you for this lesson.

  3. Ninalou Avatar

    Thanks for this word, I tried yesterday to do that and I wasn’t that successful, though I’ve had times like that and I always find that I’m rejuvenated n refreshed by our Lord! Nothing like it!!!
    Blessings hv a wonderful week.

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