Are you busy or productive?

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Sometimes we feel that busyness gives us value.

We often find ourselves running around like a chicken without its head… and we say to ourselves we must be contributing to life!!!

I believe that the pandemic and worldwide imposed quarantine changed the definition of busyness.

How much of what we do is necessary or simply fillers for our days?

How much of what we do is “productive”? How much of what we do must be done, or can it wait?

How comfortable are we with sitting with ourselves and not having to identify with a job or title?

How much of who we are is imposed upon us because of the life we think we should be living?

These are tough questions that require complete and total honesty. I have come to understand that, yes, we must work to meet our familial obligations and contribute to society. But we should not allow unrelated obligations to suffocate our lives and create a list of to-dos that just has us being busy and not productive.

What’s the difference?

Busyness makes us tired; being productive brings us peace.

Busyness costs us something; being productive can be free.

Make a choice today about what will consume your time when it’s not related to obligations.

Live simply. Live freely. Live joyfully. That is a productive life!


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