Year of Yes…

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It’s that time of year…

I sit still and spend time meditating and asking God to reveal to me what the focus of the new year will be for me, my marriage, my family,  and my businesses. Immediately He prompted these words; it will be the Year of Yes.

My heart stopped…what, Yes! NO!!!!!

I enjoy having the freedom of saying no.  I quickly understood what the Year of Yes means.  It means yes to the things I avoid because it’s inconvenient.  It means yes to trusting and believing that what I can’t control HE does control.  It means yes toward the first step of the unknown and no longer HOPING that it will be alright, but KNOWING that it will be.

So my year of yes will come with a lot “new” and “unknowns.”  It will come with experiences that I probably never ever dreamed of for myself, and it will come with realizations that will open my heart to new possibilities.

What do you need to say yes to that you have avoided?  What have you walked away from out of fear of the unknows and what-ifs?  What have you said no because it is too much of an inconvenience?

As I walk into the new year of yes, I am nervous and excited to see what those challenges and experiences will bring.  They are always more than my mind can imagine.  I will exercise wisdom and understanding in all that will come my way in 2020.

 As we end a decade and enter a new one…find those dreams that you have put aside, blow the dust off of them and say yes.  Stop and ask yourself, what have I laid aside that I can now pick up and say yes.


Your yes will free you and bless others.

Take this most seriously:  A yes on earth is a yes in heaven; a no on earth is a no in heaven. What you say to one another is eternal…”

(Matthew 18:18-20, Message Translation)

‘Til Tuesday


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