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Creating space through order!

We were a lot of kids; at one given time, there were 9 of us living in a three-bedroom apartment with one bathroom!

My mom was the queen of order and cleanliness. There were too many of us, and she hated the bugs that would come with uncleanliness!


I learned early on to put my clothes away, make my bed, and wipe down the kitchen counter before I called it a night.

To avoid complete and utter chaos, she would make sure that we placed everything in its rightful place immediately after use. That way, things wouldn’t get lost, and everything was tidy.

There were too many of us to have things spread out everywhere, and we had too little space to keep stuff we didn’t use or need.

These were quick lessons on how to stay organized that my mom in her frenzy taught me. (Before the Marie Kondo Way)

She would always say, if you are messy in a small space, you’ll be messy in a big space!

So here’s what I learned about order-

Make a daily list!

Make a monthly list! 

Make a yearly list!

Each list should contain items that are reachable, others that can be attainable, and others that are dreams to achieve!

Make your bed in the morning –

Put your laundry away after it’s done-

Wipe down the kitchen counters each night-

Take out the trash each night-

Put things away after use-

Keep bins for separate items-

Purge every three months-

When you buy something, give something away-

Don’t let clutter overwhelm you. 

Look around your space and see what you can gift, sell, and simply throw away.

Keep the things you love and “bring you joy” – ala Marie Kondo

You will find as your home is in order, so will other things in your life.

Create space to breathe and to share!

It is truly that simple…

Look around, where is there a need for order?


When there is order in your home, there is order in your life…

‘Til Tuesday


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