Have you cried today?

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When all you can do is cry – that’s ok!

This year I cried a lot.

There were tears of joy

There were tears of deep sorrow

There were tears of relief 

There’s were tears of happiness 

There were tears of despair

There were tears in laughter 

There were tears of solace

Crying is a full expression of our emotions.

It is not a sign of weakness but of a direct reflection of what’s going on in our lives.

Tears bring a sense of relief to all that is pent up inside of us.

Tears wash away any disappointment

Tears release the healthy emotion of joy and excitement

There are days where a good cry will make you feel stronger, and there are days a good cry will make you feel comforted.

Whatever your circumstance, embrace the emotions of tears.  Don’t wipe them away in shame or apologize for crying.  Allow your feelings to find their rightful place in your current situation.  Tears can bring the greatest source of comfort in the most unexpected moments.


Stop apologizing for crying.  Be transparent.  Be free.

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    NInalou Risolio

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