Dream, dream so big it kinda scares you a bit!

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I’ve always been a dreamer.
I’ve always had a vivid imagination of life, especially my life.
Growing up in the Bronx housing projects you kinda have to be creative with your mind, and with what the future can be.

I desired beautiful things. A secure marriage, healthy children, and a voice! A voice that would be heard and respected. This past year I found that voice through my blogging. I’ve always loved writing, hence the two dozen journals I currently have and counting! I loved expressing myself in my writing.  Being the youngest of seven children, writing became my outlet, my voice, a place where I felt heard and respected.

Several years ago I realized that I had somehow lost my voice.  I had succumbed to the pressures of judgment and “please like me” and the need to please.  Honestly, I wasn’t very happy.  Then one day while I was visiting my hometown of NYC I was walking in the City and thought of what I had become and immediately recognized that that was not who I was meant to be.  I needed to find my voice, my own voice, my real voice and own her and respect her and at that very moment, I recognized that I no longer needed to be anything other than who I truly was.  No judgment, no need to please.

Just me, as I am and I felt free!

As I write complete this blog, I know that I found my voice and feel secure enough to share it with everyone. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that what I have to say means something to someone else, encourages someone and brings an “aha” moment to my reader.

What are the dreams you have? What’s the one thing you always think about? How do you wish to exercise your voice, be heard and respected? I know that each one of us has a gift, a talent that is waiting on our boldness to share.

This is your season to make your dreams a reality, one moment at a time. Be free, no judgment, find your true voice.

Dream, dream so big it kinda scares you a bit!

I know I did…and continue to do so!!!


Those quiet moments you have with God when you share your dreams… He’s waiting for you to act on it. Move towards your gifting…

‘Til Tuesday!

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