“You’ve changed…”

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I enjoy compliments…really who doesn’t?
Yet the ones that make my heart swell are the ones that speak to my character.
“You’ve changed”…
When I hear someone say those words to me, it acknowledges that I’ve grown.

Everyone should grow, learn, always be teachable.

If we don’t change, we will live angry, frustrated, full of resentment, and unforgiveness.

We change because our environment obligates us, our relationships challenge us and our hearts need it.
With change comes the freedom to love, acceptance, and forgiveness.
With change comes the strength to be the person God always intended for us to be.
You see if you don’t change, you can’t see the beauty in others, the beauty around you, the beauty within you.  You live in a constant state of judgment, unforgiving, and un-acceptance.
Often we expect the other person to change, a situation to change, when in actuality it is Us that needs to change so that we can affect change around us.

Change is not easy.
It will cost you your pride
It will cost you your heart
It will require you to love when loving is not easy.
When you change you are free!

When you change you become sure of who you are.
When you change you walk in a clear understanding of who you were created to be.
Don’t fear change, embrace it.

Change with an open heart. Change with a forgiving heart. Change for the better…therein lies your growth…
What awaits on the other side is your freedom.

You are wonderfully and fearfully made. Walk with the clear purpose of who God created you to be.
It will put a pep in your step!!!

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  1. Lydia Castaneda Avatar
    Lydia Castaneda

    This was so needed!

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