Smoke and Mirrors

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What would happen if we walked around telling the “truth” about ourselves? What would happen if every day we woke up and shared how we truly feel emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally? What would happen if we pulled back the curtain to our lives to truly expose what we look like and how we live?

I recently came across a video of the drug and homeless problem in the state of Arizona and it broke my heart. No judgment, just grief. I live in Los Angeles, and the night before, there was a story on the news of the drug problem right outside our federal buildings in the downtown area. These are people living their brokenness out in the open. Letting the world know they are in desperate need of assistance, and no one seems to care. I realized then that we have become desensitized to the desperation and brokenness in our society. That we would much rather look at videos of proclaimed happiness, assumed wealth, and marital perfection. That we would much rather look at images of beautiful facades than drug-addicted faces. We have determined that mental health is not our problem, but theirs, that drug addiction is a weakness, and they should be stronger, and homelessness is a choice!

The TRUTH is that if we displayed a day in our life, we would reveal our own brokenness. We would reveal our own mental health issues, addictions, and insecurities. It is so much easier to point a finger and disregard the three that are pointing back at us.

Shame on us for daring to celebrate a counterfeit life. Shame on us for applauding what is outright dishonesty for the camera. Shame on us for promoting and supporting what we know is a complete fraud.

I have decided I want to live authentically. If you follow me, you will know I can only be honest and transparent. No smoke and mirrors here. Life is healthier when you are living in your truth, whether it’s a good one or a challenging one.

Be authentic. Be brave!

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