Truth be told…

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I have been holding my breath since March!

I have been trying to see the glass half-full. Look for the silver lining. Wait for joy to come in the morning. Sense the peace in the midst of the storm and believe the sun will come out tomorrow!

…and it’s been hard!!!

I’m sure I am not alone in these thoughts. As you read this you may feel like you’ve been in a pressure cooker since March and feel like you are going to explode.

Yet, I know that even a pressure cooker offers relief. If you own one, you know what I mean. They are scary to operate. If it malfunctions, it can destroy your home and cause bodily injury. It can be disastrous.  


When used correctly, it provide the exact pressure to alert you by a small loose metal contraption. It begins to release steam and produce a slight whistle, letting you know that whatever is inside has reached its boiling point, and you can now open the top and release the pressure.

I believe that we are living in that pot! That our lives are being pressured so that whatever is living in us is getting prepared, and when we are ready, the steam will be released, and we will feel relief.

But it hard!!!

Emotionally, Physically, Mentally…

In the end…

Beauty will arise. Peace will be greater. Joy will be contagious. Your cup fuller. The silver lining clearer and the sun brighter.

So hold on!!!!!


You are not alone…God is in the pot with you and taking care of all the details!!!

‘Til Tuesday


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2 responses to “Truth be told…”

  1. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    I still have hope

  2. No Avatar

    Preparing and cooking in the pressure cooker to be ready who will need prayer, support! In hope! In Christ alone!

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