Unpredictable Outcome…(excerpt)

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The audacity of writing.

I have felt strongly in my heart to write about my faith journey and its outcome. It’s unconventional, but here are some hard truths which are embedded in my heart that I need to share. This is a small excerpt of what is a much lengthier chapter. It is my hope that it piques your interest to want to read and know more.


To see and understand the principles of Christ as they are written will require us to look at ourselves in the mirror and face the realities of our counterfeit life. We would be required to expose our lives’ truth and the lies that we hide from the observer. We would have to confess that we have manipulated Christ’s teachings to fit our ideals that seem doable and acceptable. We have formulated the science and belief that the God we serve in our religious organizations is just enough to get us by. But to stand up to those lies, we have to expose the mess of our lives and clean up after it, and that requires work. We have come to only reach out to God to ask for something that “we think” he may be capable of doing. So we rub the bottle, make three wishes, and hope for the best. In actuality, the wishes are all requests that we can manage if we live a disciplined life. We are all living in the pettiness of faith. You get comfortable. You keep yourself safe and keep your faith convenient until you cannot control what is happening around you, and we pull out the “genie in the bottle.” (Unpredictable Outcome – My Faith Journey, A Spiritual Memoir (working title))

What does your faith look like?


No matter where you are in life. God sees you.


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