Painful Wins…

I know, you are probably thinking how is that possible, that something that you win can be painful. Well, it can.

This year has proven to be one of the most challenging years of our entire Country. Corporately we have witnessed the loss of lives in tragic accidents, illnesses, and murders. We have lost icons, Justices, political figures, and many have lost loved ones. We have seen the economy go from growth to literally tank. We’ve witnessed the uprising of racial protests and riots. We have watched the senseless murders of innocent lives over and over again. We are walking through a viral pandemic that has ravaged our world. For some, their personal world has been devastated. So how can we witness painful wins in all of this?

I thought of my own circle. Where have I won this year? I decided to write down what I believe has been my painful wins this year –

The completion of a Master’s Degree in Law; the completion and publication of my first book; clearing of debt; establishment of business; reorganization of business; family time; family therapy; tears; laughter and hope.

Each one of these things required me to lay something down that was painful and in the end, produced a great reward. I know we have three more months left to this year and what it will hold I have absolutely no idea. What I do know is that with each win and loss I have learned to be thankful.

What win, though painful, have you gained this year?


Though it may seem too much to bear, remember there’s a blessing in the experience…that will follow.

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