Who do you follow…and why?

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In this era of social media overload, we find complete strangers asking us to follow them …and we do!!!
They ask us to like, comment, share, follow! Heck! I’m one of them too!

We have a society that is entirely voyeuristic but not engaged with one another. We spend hours, really think about it, hours scrolling through images, reading comments, and videos that often have nothing to do with us or our lives. We sit on our phones, on our computers, tablets, perusing, watching others post snapshots of their lives for us to comment, like and eventually follow.

Doesn’t that seem like strange behavior?

In the past few weeks, I have examined who do I follow? Why do I follow them? Do I know everyone that I follow? I began to question my motives.  Am I following that person because I know them, admire them, they inspire me? Or am I following someone to know their every move, judge their life decisions and secretly coveting their lifestyle?  I began to question what the purpose of “follow” truly meant.

Do we follow to learn?
Do you follow to be inspired?
Do we follow to be encouraged?
Do we follow to eventually engage?

I have a friend who has over 30k followers on Instagram, yet she follows NO ONE!!!  I have another friend who has no social media profile on any of the current platforms, imagine that,  and somehow she’s relatable, normal, informed, but more importantly content!  

As you continue your journey in this ever-evolving world of “follow me,” follow wisely.  Remember the person you follow is your leader.  Think about it.  Would you allow every person you follow to lead you?  Where are they leading you towards? The same is true of you..the folks that follow you, you lead.  Ask yourself how are you leading them?



Be wise, be diligent.  Follow those who can inspire, educate and entertain.

Guard your heart.


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