Coronavirus COVID19

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Plans on hold

Dreams deferred


We are forced to do what so many have complained they never have the time to do

Have dinners at home

Walks in the park

Talk with our kids

Laugh with our spouses

Call our friends

Catch up on our favorite TV shows

Read our favorite books

Sleep more

Exercise at home or outside 

Check-in on our neighbors 

And yet, all that we have seen on social media is an incredible amount of complaining and desperate anxiety that demonstrates our uneasiness with ourselves.

This should be a time of reflection.







This should have been a time of Thanksgiving.

 a warm bed

food on the table

running water

We are quick to share how much time we don’t have to do the things we want to do

Well, our world has hit the pause button giving us the time!

May we all come out better from this.

May we all experience a change.

May we all recognize what is truly important.

May we all learn the difference between a need and a want

May we all recognize the price you pay for both.


Who will you be after all this is done?

‘Til Tuesday


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3 responses to “Coronavirus COVID19”

  1. Veronica Edwards Berry Avatar

    Good morning,

    Well said.
    “Who will you be after all this is done?” I will be more thankful for ALL that I have. I will work and “play” as if it is truly a gift to God and a gift from God. That is who I will be.

    Praying for the World.


  2. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    I am using this time to dive deeper to anchor up to what God is saying what he is showing me in ALL things I trust the LORD.
    I thank God for this time all Glory and honor belongs to him🙏🏽

  3. NInalou Avatar

    AMEN, well said and written, we are so blessed inspite of this and believing others will heed these words and take advantage of this Time-which is our greatest commodity- one never knows how much of it we’re given and we can never get time back. It is wonderful not feel rushed and Love spending more time with Jesus. Have a blessed week.

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