When stillness leads to shock and awe…

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Have you ever sat still enough to contemplate where life has brought you?

What your decisions have taught you?

How life is working out for you?  Have you considered the relationships in your life?  Have you sat still enough to think about the world, nation, and community around you?

I try my very best to once a month assess and slow down my life enough to think about my surroundings, my decisions, my relationships.

It literally has been two months into the year, and I have had to manage a move, a flood, and a few other unknowns that have walked into my life and stayed for too long…in only the first TWO months of the new year.

When I sit still enough, I often find myself in a bed of tears and inspiration.  Tears for walking through a lot of unknowns that came at me like a runaway train along with the inspiration that arises from the outcome.  I’ve learned that we are stronger than we realize.  I’ve learned that when the unexpected shows up, which in my life seems to be every other day, I draw strength after I allow myself to shed a few tears.

So yes, my stillness always leads me to shock and awe.

Shock in trying to navigate how am I ever going to get over this experience and awe in the way it evolves into a blessing, what I most certainly thought was a curse!

I’ve come to learn that the things that bring us the greatest devastation will one day be our greatest reward. We just have to keep moving forward.

In all the noise around us, we must find a little space of stillness.  We must learn to carve out a tiny moment in the frenzy of life to assess what’s going on, why it’s going on and should it keep going on?  Who are we sitting with, talking with, eating with, and living with!  What we can do about it, what we can say about it and how we can be about it.

Lesson: Don’t sit too long in the madness of your chaos, you can lose yourself.  The power of stillness is greater than any “busyness” we may claim to have.  

‘Til Tuesday

-Annette Ortiz Mata

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