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Just be…

In this generation of striving and being and creating, we’ve lost the art of just being. Being ourselves, not a copy of someone else. We have fallen into the vicious trap of trying to be, act, look, talk, and walk like someone else.

When I was younger, I was a victim of that cycle. I had several women in my life that I admired, and in my ignorance, I thought that if I walked, talked and tried to dress like them, I would be liked and included.


So here we are in this overexposed society, where every moment of our lives is documented. Well, I choose to believe that most folks only document the best highlights of their lives. We strive, and we create to be someone that we really aren’t out of fear of missing out! Yes, I said it… FOMO! When we suffer from FOMO, we stop being ourselves. We forget that if we just show who we truly are, we might be much more relatable and accepted.

Let’s challenge ourselves to be our authentic self! Every day, every moment, good, bad, and the ugly. Yes, even the ugly. No, I am not saying let’s not doll ourselves up. I am suggesting we be who we really are. Allow ourselves to shine even when we think we look dim. Allow ourselves to be vulnerable, even if we run the risk of getting hurt or even disappointed.

In everyone’s life, there are experiences that can be shared that will help us, encourage us, and teach us. Just be. Be the best version of yourself (Oprah’s voice) and live, laugh and love. Forget perfection. It’s not attainable.


Show up just as you are. Someone is expecting you, and they need the real you!

-Annette Ortiz Mata

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