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How do I keep my faith when those representing Christianity keep failing me!!!!!

Who are we?

What have we become?

A divisive people fighting each other over politics

A divisive people arguing over moral rights

A divisive people judging the life of one another

A divisive people that tear each other down

A divisive people that hold onto grudges

A divisive people that will falsely accuse one another

A divisive people that will subjugate the role of women

A divisive people that throw each other away because of our differences.

Here we are at another crossroads.  Questioning the role of women in the church.  So many years later and we are still having this debate!!  Where do they belong?  Do they belong?  Nah, sit down and be quiet!  Better yet…Go home!

Priscilla Shirer

Christine Caine 

Beth Moore

Joyce Meyer

Sara Roberts…just to name a few!

And then there is Aimee Garcia Cortese.

Of all these names you may recognize, the least recognizable will be Aimee Garcia Cortese.  But to me, she is the thread that held me together when my faith was tested.  She was a teacher, preacher, pastor, evangelist, chaplain, counselor when it was truly frowned upon in the Pentecostal church.  She stood tall during a season of false accusations.  She stood tall when the very church she helped lead with her dad asked her to leave because there was no room for a woman minister. She stood tall when those of her same faith let her know she was not welcome in their homes, their churches. 

She simply stood tall. 

Pastor Aimee did not Go Home!  She went to the masses, traveled the world, served the least fortunate.  Touched the lives of thousands in intimate spaces.  She knew and understood her calling and walked, skipped, and ran towards the one who called her.  She never coward even when the shouts were loud and offensive.  If it weren’t for her fierce determination to stand tall in her calling, tens of thousands of people would have never heard the gospel including many members of my own family…  

and my soul would not have been impacted.

So you see, there is a place for women in ministry, there is a place for women in the pulpit, there is a place for women to share the gospel all over the world.  

Mr. MacArthur, you are wrong.  It is not your place to squash any calling by God.  You mocked every woman that has ever been called to share the gospel, and you are mistaken.   It is written that “the devil comes to rob, steal and destroy, “…but lately, I have seen that in the hands of those who clothe themselves under the cloak of “Christianity”. As someone said, we are no longer different from the world, no longer separate, we have started slinging mud at each other. 

We will pick up the ball you (Mr. MacArthur) dropped and run the race, which we are called to!

Women are strong, fierce, loyal, powerful, capable, nurturers, intelligent, insightful, discerning, providers, helpers, educators, lawmakers, caregivers, listeners all equal in the eyes of God.  

Where would we be without the boldness and indignation we battle with every day?  We wake up each day carving out our role and purpose and rightful place at the table.  

We belong…everywhere!

This grieves my heart, and for that, I apologize to the unbelievers because I understand why you don’t believe it.  

We continue to fail…BUT God!


“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace” (Helen H. Lemmel, 1922)

Mere men can’t take away what God has called, appointed, and anointed, and that includes ALL OF US!

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