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Have you ever felt like you are free-falling? Everything you are trying to get done is coming undone. Your relationships are broken, your finances are in chaos, and your mind is racing and your nights are sleepless, and you feel all alone.

Well, guess what, you are not alone. By nature of being nurturers, we take on the weight of the world. We are convinced that if we do not prepare, plan, execute, and deliver all things to all people, nothing will get done! For some of us that is true, for others, it’s the chaos we create and choose to live in.

So how do we find balance and take control and put the chaos that surrounds us in order?

We must say NO! We must STOP what we are doing, and we must ask for HELP!

I have come to accept and learn and live in the power of NO. I have learned to stop and literally shut everything down when things start going off course, and I am no longer embarrassed to ask for help. I’ve also learned that’s it is okay to change your mind!

We must stop trying to let others believe that we got this. It’s all under control, but the truth is we are tired, irritable, and overwhelmed. Women must learn to let their guard down and let other women in. Women need to learn to stop judging one another when we see that one of us is coming undone. We have all been there!

Look around you, I am sure you can find someone who is desperately in need of a break, a hand-up, or just a listening ear.

Lesson: Stop free-falling and give yourself permission to sit down and breathe. It will all get done. It just doesn’t have to be all done by you!

‘Til Tuesday

-Annette Ortiz Mata

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    LOVE this word, and love you and your heart to share it! Blessings in all you do! Our Lord Jesus will detail out everything if we let Him:)xo

  2. ritachristian Avatar

    Thank you for the reminder that the peer on NO is valid!!
    Love u

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