Folding and purging and my epiphany!

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I am sure everyone has either watched or heard of Marie Kondo! The queen of the fold and the purge. I purchased her book a few years back and then watched her Netflix series, and suddenly I found myself hugging my clothes, socks, shoes, and thanking every dish for serving me! What on earth!! But here’s the kicker! It WORKED!

It’s only been a month and a few weeks into the New Year and I had to face the reality of moving. So, I started purging and folding and thanking the things that surrounded me for playing some part in my life.

The irony behind it was the feeling of satisfaction that came with touching an item, recognizing whether it brought me joy and releasing it with a heart of thanksgiving. It all seemed unnatural. You see these “material” items could never thank me! So how did I place so much value on something that could never love me back! Crazy right!

Unfortunately, that is how our value is recognized. That is where we place our worth, on the things we accumulate! Stuff and more stuff validates that we are worth something if we have that certain “thing.” It was a true wake up call for me. I didn’t want to be known for the “things” I had. I wanted to be known for the life I lived, the way someone felt in my presence, and how much I loved.

The idea of this material purge is to make room for the things that are valuable to us and to keep those things that bring us joy. As I started pulling items out of my closet and cupboards, I realized there were things that I had not touched in years. The personal purge began (though I did wake up my books (if you watched the series you know), and I kept most of them-LOL!). I am happy to say that I learned to fold the “Kondo Way,” but I purged “my way.”

I understood that letting items go in my cupboards and closets was releasing me of an identity I was no longer attached to. Then it hit me! I learned that just as I was letting go of “things,” I needed to let go of hurts that had crept into the closet of my heart. Neatly folded and tucked again. I needed to pull them out and recognize that that “thing” that I was holding onto was NOT bringing me joy, and I needed to let it go. So there I was among piles of stuff having a spiritual epiphany. Yes I folded, I thanked, and I forgave, and I let more than a few items of clothing go. I let hurt, disappointment, sadness, regret…go.

As you take inventory of all the “things,” you are carrying from house to house. Take inventory of what you are carrying in your heart. Remove the items that are no longer bringing you joy and …

Let it go.

Lesson: We all have something we carry because we think it adds value to our identity. Identify it and acknowledge its purpose, it’s usefulness and then just let it go.

“Til Tuesday.

-Annette Ortiz Mata

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  1. Ninalou Avatar

    Good Word! Thanks

  2. ritachristian Avatar

    Live lite live in love

    Thank you for yet another teaching moment.

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