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Patience – The capacity, habit, or fact of being patient.

Patient – bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint; manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain; steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity.


Here I thought I am patient.  WELL, after reading these definitions, I realized I have a LONG way to go to claim myself patient.

These past few years have carved the outline of patience in my life and in that of my family’s life. We have learned to manage loss in many different ways.  Emotionally, physically, financially.  Trusting and believing that “the sun will come out tomorrow” (cue Annie)…literally…

All the while, exercising patience, which is very uncomfortable.

In my haste to get things done, make things happen, I have stumbled, hurt, and betrayed my own convictions.  Learning and walking in the knowledge of what it means to be patient is truly an act of selflessness.  It’s letting go of the notion of “me,” what about “me,” pick “me,” include “me.”  When we let that need of “me” go, we learn to be selfless, and we learn to be patient.  I’m convinced it works hand in hand.

It’s not to say that whatever your dream or desire is not coming for you.  It will come when you are ready. It will come when you have been patient.  It will come when all the “me” of what you want is removed, and you stand as “we.”

I have learned the hard way!  I have learned that though I believe I deserve it, I must ask myself…did I earn it?

Patience is a powerful virtue.  To exercise, it is an act of strength.

Challenge yourself to live one day at a time with patience.


“Patience says to stay the course.” 

(The Time is Now, A Call to Uncommon Courage by Joan Chittister)

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