I often wondered how many of us are walking around with shards in our hearts that we simply can’t talk about because it just hurts too much.

I understand that pain.

I am learning to soften the scars left behind by the shards that ripped through my heart.

I am processing the pain

I have spent weeks, yes weeks, asking God why?

Why me?

Why him?

Why us?

Learning to let go of someone you believe will forever be a part of your life is difficult…

Grieving the loss of someone who is still alive is incredibly painful.

Simply unimaginable…

Yet, I choose to acknowledge the painful disappointment and lift myself up.

I believe that for as long as you have breath, there is an opportunity for hope, an opportunity for redemption.

I am learning to live with this new understanding…

When disappointments come your way they are here to teach us something about ourselves.

Look for the lessons, learn and apply.

Hope is on its way!

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