He said, “we have a beautiful life….” I didn’t understand....until I did. All I knew was my heart was broken; how can that be called a beautiful life. I let the words settle until the realization of what he was saying became greater than my simple understanding. Our life is beautiful- Every test  Every trial... Continue Reading →


I often wondered how many of us are walking around with shards in our hearts that we simply can’t talk about because it just hurts too much. I understand that pain. I am learning to soften the scars left behind by the shards that ripped through my heart. I am processing the pain I have... Continue Reading →

What Comfort looks life…

Comfort comes in many ways Comfort comes in silence Comfort comes in flowers Comfort comes in food Comfort comes in lyrics Comfort comes in conversations Comfort comes in breathing Someone once told me as long as we are alive everything and everyone is redeemable. I take comfort in those words. ----------

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