One more sleep and I will face one of my biggest fears! Flying internationally… ALONE!

An 11-hour flight with no one to tell me “it’s going to be okay,” except maybe a stranger whose hand I may grab (I’ve done that once before). Was the excitement of seeing so many beautiful things (including Megan Markle’s wedding dress, those who know…know) and experiencing life in another country enough to consider it?

So I decided…I am ready to take the first step towards releasing myself of what ties me down!

This little girl from 639 Rosedale Avene, Bronx, NY, didn’t have many role models, but she dreamed of a better and more beautiful life, and I’m living it.

 But to live it to its fullest, I must face my apprehensions.

For the past 25 years, in my yearly and life goals, I’ve written down my dream and desire to visit London and Paris. Yet my own fear of flying internationally held me back from realizing those dreams.

This year I wrote it again, and when the opportunity presented itself I said NO!

Can you believe it!!!

I recited a million reasons until I caught myself and realized I was a fraud.  How could I tell someone else to face their fears and reach for the stars while I was just looking up at them!

So, I said yes. Yes to the new adventure! Yes to getting on an international flight by myself! Yes to reaching for the stars. Yes to slaying a giant in my life!

As this year comes to a close, I am embracing all that “the year of new” has challenged me with! More on that in another blog.

Is there something that is holding you back?  Are you facing a giant?

  Stop living a life of excuses and start living a life of YES!

So here I go…


Don’t be a spectator in other people’s lives and start living yours to its fullest.

Start from a place of yes!

BTW, I will be documenting my experience via my Insta Story!  Should be quite the adventure!

“Til Tuesday!

What lives in the Soul of A Woman?

My desires

My dreams

My regrets

My fears

My loves

My heartache 

My plans

My wishes

My anger

My determination 

My sorrow

My laughter

My strength 

My eternal hope…

What lives in yours?


Remember to guard your heart…

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be. (Matthew 6:21)

“Til Tuesday

This week…

This week was difficult to sit and write.

First, the shootings that shook a community that was confident in their safety.

The senseless shooting that took innocent lives.

The senseless shooting that changed the reality of every family that lost a loved one

The senseless shooting that shook me to my core, in not knowing if my son was there that night.

The senseless shooting that tragically shattered the life of a mother that loved her broken son.

The next day…

The fire that ripped through the same community.

The fire that roared fiercely and shattered lives already broken.

The fire that ripped through coveted communities of beautiful landscapes and stunning homes.

The fire that did not discriminate in devouring properties.

The fire that displaced hundreds of families.

The fires that have placed our school community in harm’s way.

The fire that has taken lives that were trying to escape.

The fire that has now left our broken community shattered with pieces to pick up.

The fire that has left the air we are breathing toxic and unsafe.


What I know is that we are a strong community

What I know is that we are a caring community

What I know is that we are a thriving community

What I know is that we are a faith community

I have seen the goodness of hundreds of people.

I have seen the kindness of strangers.

I have seen the generosity of those around me.

As horrific as all the events have been this week,

I am confident that our community will come together.  

We will hold up the arms of those who are weak.

We will hold up the arms of the those who are mourning.

We will hold up the arms of those who are displaced.

We will hold up the arms of those who are homeless.

We will hold up their arms because we care.

This holiday season look around and find whose arms can you hold up


Simply look around and give thanks.

‘Til Tuesday.

What’s on your Thanksgiving Menu?

Each year I plan my Thanksgiving Menu. I figure out how many guests and how much food I’ll need to prepare and purchase.

I am incredibly meticulous with details and presentation because I want my guests to feel welcomed, loved, satisfied and thankful!

As I thought about this process, I thought about what is on my Thanksgiving Menu…

for my life!!

In my reflection I realized, this year came with a lot of “new” for me. New losses new opportunities, new travels, new illness scares, new trials, new rejections, new relationships 

Yet I am thankful.

Each “New” for me changed me for the better.  It made me stronger. I learned something about myself that I didn’t know I was capable of doing, accepting or being! I learned how strong I can be and I learned how vulnerable I truly am.

It’s hard to be thankful when your circumstances are not ideal; you are alone, your family is broken, your health is challenged.

It is then when it’s most important to be thankful! It stretches every fiber in you to utter the words that say I am thankful for this challenging trial. That’s when you grow!

It’s easy to be thankful when all is well.  When all is aligned and moving towards a beautiful outcome.  When your family is united, and everyone is full of joy.  When you are surrounded by your friends, and you are enjoying the best health. It doesn’t take much effort to be thankful when everything is going your way!

Give thanks… 

Give thanks in the hardship. You will be stronger.

Give thanks through the tears.  Joy comes in the morning

Give thanks in your sorrow.  Laughter will soon fill your heart.

So as you prepare your menu, think about all the different items that you have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

The mere fact that you can be aware of the spirit of Thanksgiving is enough to be thankful!

Sit still between now and Thanksgiving and write down ten things you are thankful for your heart will be full.  


Be thankful for every moment.  For that moment will never come again.

“Til Tuesday