One more sleep and I will face one of my biggest fears! Flying internationally... ALONE! An 11-hour flight with no one to tell me "it’s going to be okay," except maybe a stranger whose hand I may grab (I’ve done that once before). Was the excitement of seeing so many beautiful things (including Megan Markle’s wedding... Continue Reading →

What lives in the Soul of A Woman?

My desires My dreams My regrets My fears My loves My heartache  My plans My wishes My anger My determination  My sorrow My laughter My strength  My eternal hope... What lives in yours? Lessons: Remember to guard your heart... For where your treasure is, there your heart will be. (Matthew 6:21) "Til Tuesday

This week…

This week was difficult to sit and write. First, the shootings that shook a community that was confident in their safety. The senseless shooting that took innocent lives. The senseless shooting that changed the reality of every family that lost a loved one The senseless shooting that shook me to my core, in not knowing... Continue Reading →

What’s on your Thanksgiving Menu?

Each year I plan my Thanksgiving Menu. I figure out how many guests and how much food I’ll need to prepare and purchase. I am incredibly meticulous with details and presentation because I want my guests to feel welcomed, loved, satisfied and thankful! As I thought about this process, I thought about what is on... Continue Reading →

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