He keeps answering my heart!

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Have you ever sat still enough to ask, God, do you see this? Are you listening? Do you know my heart?

Have you ever sat still enough to recognize that God sees all things, He listens to everything, and yes, He understands the desires of our hearts!

Our hearts hide the most intimate details of our wishes, dreams, and desires…and HE sees them!

I have come to understand and accept that though I may not see the answers to my heart prayers instantaneously, I have lived long enough to see them answered in God’s perfect time.

I love it when God shows off in the little details of our lives. It’s there when I see the perfect hand of God moving. It’s when I know that HE so profoundly sees my tears, and is paying attention to my life.

Someone once told me to “pay attention to the details.” I didn’t quite understand that at first, but in the details are the finishing touches that perfect room, a table, design.

It’s in the details that we see the intention of the artist in the completion of their work.

When you walk into someone’s home most folks notice the big picture, but it’s in the details, that we get to the person’s character, know their likes and see their personality.

God is in our details, not just the big picture.

We miss a lot because we focus on the big picture. Yet, if when we are still enough to focus on our life’s details, we will see the visible hand of God sketching out the perfect outcome and in those details, as in all details, is thoughtfulness that is specific to our heart, our prayers, our desires and God sees those.

Those are the answers to prayers that blow me away. Yet, those take time to get answered.

So you see, I have come to know that He still answers my heart. It’s in my heart, my core, that the most intimate desires live! There is a reason it is said: “Guard your heart”…

We keep our hurt, joy, and aspirations in our heart. We love our heart. Our hearts can stop beating, and our hearts provides the flow of oxygen that we need. It is the epicenter from which all things flow.

Yet, when God sees our hearts, he sees the brokenness we hid, the fear we mask, the pain we ignore along with the dreams and desires, and when we are ready, he heals our heart and answers our heart prayers.

What prayers have you guarded in your heart? What desires are you holding onto? What dreams are you still believing for? Keep praying in your heart!


Don’t give up on the secret dreams that you guard in your heart. God sees them and knows when you are ready they will be answered. Believe God

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭4:23‬ 

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