He’s whispering…can you hear it?

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While doing my spring cleaning I came across a folder that was full of writings. They were each dated, and I was curious to read where my heart, mind, and soul were living those many years ago. What was my current state of mind? What was I thinking about? And I came across one entry that spoke to my heart and the season where I am right now, and it was titled.


“God’s Silence” (dated  October 4, 1993)

Moments of uncertainty seems to surge into my life creating pangs of loneliness.  Silence a form of communication of which God has chosen to speak to my heart. Stillness has enveloped me, making my days go by allowing open lines between God and Me.  Hardship has been a part of my growing up, and now stillness and silence seem to comb through my days soothing any open wound that may have been left sore.  Being and knowing God’s will in my life is an ever-pressing challenge, often allowing for bitter tears to be shed to allow strength to move on to God’s plan.  Strength has been a common thread through all of life’s trials

Silence -“ God’s Silence, Then What” a so appropriately titled devotion of “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers.  As I read these words, they rang in my heart, they ripped through me and encourage my wounded spirit. It read as follows:

“Has God trusted you with His silence a silence that has great meaning?  God’s silences are actually His answers…His silence is the sign that He is bringing you into an even more wonderful understanding of Himself.  He will give you the first sign of His intimacy – Silence. 

I thought to myself, what a privilege!  Though these moments are the most painful you can experience, it’s through these moments we can audibly hear the voice of God speaking to our hearts.  My greatest job through this is to be still. And being still is humanly difficult.  We battle again our very own flesh, hoping that one day we can discipline ourselves to be still. 

More importantly to be understood that stillness is the exercise we will practice so that we can be found in God’s perfect will.


As you can read over 24 years ago, I was still being chosen to be close to the heart of God!

I learned that if I intended to grow and be more like Him, I needed to be pruned by Him so I can reflect Him.

I didn’t have all the answers when I wrote these entries, but what I do have is an incredible sense of Hope.

That no matter your circumstances, if you are in the midst of a season of Silence, it’s not a bad thing, but a blessed one,  because there lies your ability to listen to…

God’s whispers. 

Are you going through a season where you feel invisible? Alone?

As if you no one is listening?

Be still.  God is whispering.


The noise in your life can often be a distraction to what is supposed to be in your life. Embrace stillness. 

“Til Tuesday

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  1. ritachristian Avatar

    A beautiful reminder on one of the many ways God speaks.
    Thank you for the quite reminder

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