Who do you follow…and why?


In this era of social media overload, we find complete strangers asking us to follow them …and we do!!!
They ask us to like, comment, share, follow! Heck! I’m one of them too!

We have a society that is entirely voyeuristic but not engaged with one another. We spend hours, really think about it, hours scrolling through images, reading comments, and videos that often have nothing to do with us or our lives. We sit on our phones, on our computers, tablets, perusing, watching others post snapshots of their lives for us to comment, like and eventually follow.

Doesn’t that seem like strange behavior?

In the past few weeks, I have examined who do I follow? Why do I follow them? Do I know everyone that I follow? I began to question my motives.  Am I following that person because I know them, admire them, they inspire me? Or am I following someone to know their every move, judge their life decisions and secretly coveting their lifestyle?  I began to question what the purpose of “follow” truly meant.

Do we follow to learn?
Do you follow to be inspired?
Do we follow to be encouraged?
Do we follow to eventually engage?

I have a friend who has over 30k followers on Instagram, yet she follows NO ONE!!!  I have another friend who has no social media profile on any of the current platforms, imagine that,  and somehow she’s relatable, normal, informed, but more importantly content!  

As you continue your journey in this ever-evolving world of “follow me,” follow wisely.  Remember the person you follow is your leader.  Think about it.  Would you allow every person you follow to lead you?  Where are they leading you towards? The same is true of you..the folks that follow you, you lead.  Ask yourself how are you leading them?



Be wise, be diligent.  Follow those who can inspire, educate and entertain.

Guard your heart.


‘Til Tuesday



Disappointments…it’s physical.

Disappointment: sadness, regret, dismay, sorrow; dispiritedness, despondency, distress, chagrin; disenchantment, disillusionment; displeasure, dissatisfaction, disgruntlement. 

Disappointments often come like a massive wave! Overwhelming and pulling you in many directions-

She said what? He did what?  They want what?  How am I going to do this?  That is a bold face lie!  Why is this happening again? When will this all end?  How much longer?

This year I can honestly say I’ve caught myself saying these phrases more than once! The year was full of beautiful and memorable moments, along with incredible loss and pain and disappointments.

In it, I finally starting saying  “why, and why not me.” I’ve said “enough already” and “it’s not enough.” I’ve thought “I’m gonna get them” and I’ve also said, “It is not my battle to fight.”

When disappointment sets in, often for me it’s a physical not merely emotional. I feel it in my heart, stomach, and my spirit is immediately grieved. Disappointment can paralyze you emotionally if you don’t get control over it right away.

…And just let it go!

All these thoughts run through my mind when disillusionment visits my spirit. Yet I have come to understand and know that this too shall pass.

And I am here to tell you that it does! 

Right now I am experiencing a series of disappointments, yet I know with certainty that what is to come right behind these moments are lessons that I need for my personal growth.  I embrace the disappointments understanding that I am leaving room for what is intended to be for me.

What unmet expectations did you encounter? How much did we place on a situation or person to do what they really weren’t meant to do? Where did we miss the mark?  Have we started to face the reality of our part of the experience of being disappointed?

As you reflect on your year give thanks for the roses and the thorns.  They need each other to produce beauty.


Not everyone is for you, and not everyone is against you. Learn from your disappointments. There is always a lesson in that experience.

Life lessons are quiet God whispers leading us along.

“Til Tuesday

The Year of New…

Each October, I take time to sit quietly and reflect on the fact that there are only three months left in the year.  At this time I begin to pray for a focus for me personally, my family and our businesses as we prepare to enter in a new year. I begin to ask God to give me the theme for the new year.  This is a practice I started over ten years ago and I can literally give you the title of each year.  The amazing part is that whatever the theme of that year may be, it unfolds in ways that I would have never have imagined.

 What may seem like a simple definition of the specific word turns into the most unusual definition, sometimes literal and sometimes metaphorical.  

So, this October, October 27th to be exact, I sensed in my spirit that it was the year of letting go, but more importantly and much more clearly it will be “The Year of New.” I immediately understood that the action of letting go will allow for “the new” to take its rightful place. This brings with it a lot of excitement and uncertainty.  I don’t know what this will mean for me, our family and our businesses.  BUT it brings much anticipation.

With new comes the unfamiliar, the strange, being unaccostumed.  It also brings fresh, addition, different, original and unknown.  

All of these things will carry “the New” for our family. 

I challenge you as you read this to sit still enough and pray, mediate and ask God to give you a word that will carry you for the next year.  Once you feel confident of the theme or word, look up the definition and find a bible scripture that you can focus on.  When the going gets tough you can refer to the word, it’s definition and the scripture to remind you of His promise for the year.


Trust what is promised to you by God.  He never fails.

“For I am about to do something new” – Isaiah 43:19

‘Til Tuesday