Keep your bras on!!!

It was bound to happen!

We are in a sexual revolution of a different kind.
We went from being liberated,  demanding equal pay, burning our bras to saying ENOUGH, NO MORE!

We will keep our bras on, demand equal pay and you MUST keep your hands off of me.

I have very strong opinions on sexual assault and sexual harassment-
I believe our culture has reached a boiling point. In our sexual revolution, we have managed to allow men to manipulate and sexually use us in every aspect of our lives, thinking we have the power and the upper hand when in fact that was never the case. We have allowed music, movies, games, fashion, novels, advertisers, cartoons, corporate America to become desensitized to the sexualization of women. We have allowed men to believe that calling ourselves bitches, hoes, milfs is cute and acceptable! We have allowed our young boys to think that treating a young girl with disrespect is acceptable.

We have accepted sexting as foreplay and pornography as just another form of self-expression!

We have done this to each other, we have created a vulgar desensitized society. We have told each other it’s “boys being boys, it’s natural, it’s okay, it’s what they like, it’s none of my business. She might have been asking for it, he’s used to it.”

When does it stop, when do we say enough, no more, this is not acceptable, when do we create an alternative to sexual aggression, when do we start teaching self-control, when do we say respect trumps your needs.

I know when – when money is no longer the hidden agenda. When we start affecting people’s pocketbooks and the culture shifts to what is right.
When we stand up to ugliness, greed, and lust, we will start seeing real equal pay, real respect and we will then be able to take our bras off and no longer feel like prey…

So for now, put your bras back on, we will have a long road ahead.

The difference starts at home, how we treat each other. Think about it no one is exempt. Children learn by example, we learn from each other. 


Til Tuesday


What does your wife do??…Are you kidding me!!

Hmmm, this question was asked not too long ago and quite frankly if a woman is not working outside of their home the world does not recognize their worth…

I’m incredibly busy….
I own and oversee two businesses.
I host an internet talk show once a week.
I write a blog once a week.
I manage our homes budget and maintenance
I am a mom of two sons. Both of which require my undivided attention.
I chauffeur my youngest son to school, piano lessons, lacrosse practice and his social events.
I try to prepare at least three home-cooked meals.
Keep a tidy house.
Do laundry and put it away (vital part and the biggest part of laundry) on the same day.
I try to work out 4-5 times a week. (Most weeks it’s 3 days a week)
I try and make all my medical appointments along with those of my family.
I make all the necessary appointments for my sons and husband.
I try and go out and socialize to not lose my mind.
I try to get as much sleep as my life will allow.
I try and read a book every two weeks (not always successful) but won’t give that up.
I try to give myself morning quiet time so that I can focus on all that’s on my day.
I get all this done all the while managing my emotions, thoughts, and conversations.

Yet you ask “What does your wife do?! – Are you kidding me…

This is some of what WE all do!!!

As you get older you realize there are some things you fight for and some things you let go.
We have too much going on to pick a fight on everything and everyone
We are ALL busy, so when you ask a woman what she does?
She RUNS the world!


Never question the worth of a Woman, it’s priceless-

‘Til Tuesday

Only Two Months Left…

As I sat at my desk and reviewed my calendar, I immediately realized there are only less than two months left to what seemed like a year that would never end.

I don’t know about you, but all the noise, politically, socially, atmospherically, emotionally, mentally, physically that we have endured is more than any one person should ever bear.  But as a nation WE HAVE!

I have been blown away, and I mean blown away by the rhetoric on social media that has been vile towards one another.  I have been dismayed by folks who I thought were acquaintances that I thought would have a compassionate heart, share on social media rhetoric that proved otherwise. I have been saddened by the lack of compassion, empathy that we have demonstrated towards one another just because we have a difference of opinion.  SO! With that being said, let’s do something different in the next two months.

I know I will!

I will post life and not death on my social media threads. I will meet friends for dinner instead of watching their lives play out on the small screen of my phone, iPad, and computers.  I will focus less on what others are saying and doing and be about doing for myself, my family and friends.  I will go out to see a concert, play, and walks.   I will celebrate the simple wins that we have every day of our lives.  I will show up when someone needs me the most.  I will lend a listening ear with no judgment.  I will laugh out loud.  I will eat dessert. I will continue to exercise.  I will pay attention to the sunset.  I will pay attention to the morning whisper of birds chirping.  I will cry when I want to. Dance and shout.  We are still here, and each new day we get to start over again and make it better!

What are you going to do with the last two months?


We must stop expecting others to do for us what we should be doing for your life!

Til Tuesday

“Someone is praying… for what you take for granted”

I came across this quote, and it straightened me out right quick!

“Someone is praying for what you take for granted” –

I was that someone praying for a miracle. There was a time in my life that I didn’t have enough money to take the subway to go to work. I didn’t have enough money to buy milk. There was a time that every dinner was a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (which I still love today)
There was a time I would have to put my clothes on layaway and pay $20 for each pay period before I could take them home and enjoy them. There was a time I slept on a pullout couch in a basement next to the boiler room. There was a time when the shower only offered cold water.

Think about it!

There is someone right now
Praying for water
Praying for electricity
Praying for a warm bed
Praying for a simple home-cooked meal
Praying for a home
Praying for a pair of socks
Praying for a blanket
Praying for shoes
Praying for clean clothes to wear for an interview
Praying for a job
Praying for a friend
Praying for a child
Praying for a spouse
Praying for enough money to make ends meet
Praying for a good health report

The list goes on and on…

We often sit and complain about our current situation as if it were the worst, yet it is someone else’s deepest desire.

I am guilty of this. I find myself thinking of what it could be, forgetting where I was and quickly recognizing how I now have much more than I ever dreamed for myself.

Take a moment to slow down and look at what you have and simply give thanks.

Earnestly give thanks.
Give thanks when things don’t go your way
Give thanks when disappointments come
Give thanks when you bathe in warm water
Give thanks when you turn on the lights
Give thanks for your friends
Give thanks for your home
Give thanks for your children
Give thanks for your spouse
Give thanks for your clothes
Give thanks for your shoes
Give thanks for the warm bed
Give thanks for your blankets
Give thanks for that simple home-cooked meal
Give thanks for the money you do have to make it through one more day
Give thanks for your health


Take a moment and JUST GIVE THANKS!

‘Til Tuesday